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Yayın tarihi için School of Languages listeleme

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  • Saygılı, Kübra; Saygılı, Esra (Elsevier, 2016)
    In this research, our main purpose is to attempt to promote the speaking strategies of prep students focusing basically on lexical chunks, personalizing communicative competence and amusing feature motivation by ⿿improvisation⿿. ...
  • Özdemir Ateş, Emsal; Dikilitaş, Kenan (IGI Global, 2016)
    Professional development for in-service English language teachers has increasingly become a need in higher education not only in Turkey but across the world. Due to the limited time teachers have and the distance between ...
  • Avcı Vile, Deniz Ezgi (Editorial Universitat Politècnica de València Hispana, 2017)
    In recent years, the place of literature in language teaching has regained its impetus and the prominent role it plays in promoting linguistic, cultural, intellectual and academic benefits has been acknowledged. Nevertheless, ...
  • Saygılı, Kübra (Hacettepe University, 2017)
    This study aimed to explore the effects of retrieval vocabulary instruction on academic reading comprehension of 40 participants at the School of Foreign Languages at Istanbul Sehir University. According to Barcroft (2015) ...
  • Kapçık, Ahmet Cihat; Öztüfekçi, Ali; Ören, Aybüke Demet; Kaplan, Ayten; Yılmaz Uzunkaya, Çiğdem; Mede, Enisa (IGI Global, 2018)
    The increasing number of non-native English speakers in the world has led to the use of varieties of English. Nowadays, the number of speakers of English in the expanding circle has exceeded the number of speakers in the ...
  • Yurttaş, Hatice (Eastern Michigan University, 2018)
    In the last decades, intertextuality has been used to question issues of gender identity and desire, and, in a lively dialogue with theoretical debates within feminist thought, has come to define women’s writing. An early ...

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