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  • Elkatip Hatipoǧlu, Sinem (Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2013)
    It has been argued that consciousness is not possible without peripheral self-consciousness; i.e., without an implicit awareness of oneself as the subject of one's mental state. My purpose is to undermine this view. I ...
  • Knoll, Manuel (Franz Steiner Verlag, 2015-01)
    This paper gives a detailed analysis of Nussbaum's "capabilities approach" and her claim that it is a genuinely Aristotelian contemporary political philosophy. The paper comprehensively examines how Nussbaum bases her ...
  • Knoll, Manuel (Universidad de Chile, 2017)
    According to an influential line of scholarship, Aristotle's best city has to be interpreted as a politeia 'Greek passage'. This line of thought is still dominant among German scholars. As a champion of "Aristotelian Social ...
  • Arslan, İshak (Scientific Studies Association (ILEM), 2017-04)
    Though sharing the general framework of twelfth-century Islamic thought and classical cosmology based on the theory of emanation in common with the Peripatetic school, Illuminationist philosophy diverged from it in conceptual ...
  • Knoll, Manuel (Institut za Filozofiju i Drustvenu Teoriju Beograd, 2018)
    This article examines Machiavelli's image of humanity. It argues against the prevailing views that characterize it either as pessimistic or optimistic and defends the thesis that the Florentine has a realist image of ...
  • Yılmaz, Erdal (Bilim ve Sanat Vakfı, 2018)
    Özne ve nesne tarzında birbirinden tamamen izole edilebilir reel iki farklı var olandan bahsedilebilir mi yoksa böyle bir ayrım yalnızca soyutlamadan mı ibarettir? Şayet birbirinden ontolojik statüleri bakımından iki farklı ...

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