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  • Soydan, Ali Murat; Sari, Abdul Kadir; Duymaz, Burcu; Akdeniz, Recep; Tunaboylu, Bahadır (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2018)
    This present study was carried out to check the feasibility of different cellulose fibers obtained from cropped virgin cellulose, blenched eucalyptus, and araucaria pulps through different new environmentally friendly ...
  • Soydan, Ali Murat; Tunaboylu, Bahadır; Elsabagh, Ahmed Galal; Sari, Abdul Kadir; Akdeniz, Recep (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2018)
    This paper presents the experimental testing and simulation results of ballistic impact tests on laminated armor samples that consist of three layers of different materials: fiber-cement, Kevlar fabric, and steel. In ...
  • Soydan, Ali Murat; Yılmaz, Pınar; Tunaboylu, Bahadır (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2018)
    Nanopowders of copper indium diselenide were produced with five different organic solvents: ethylenediamine, triethanolamine, oleylamine, oleic acid, and polyetheramine. We successfully synthesized pure CIS nanopowders at ...

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